Walter Woodrick

Pastor Walter Woodrick holds a Masters of Ministry from Luther Rice College and Seminary, an economics degree from Vanderbilt University, the Word of God in his hands, and the attention of listeners both young and old. An author of two books on the topics of finances and faith, Walter says, “I really feel like God has given me a gift to make complicated subjects understandable to almost anyone. Information that goes over someone’s head is worthless. Information that sinks into someone’s heart is priceless.”

A native of the “Great State of Mississippi” (you have to say it like that if you were born there), Walter’s parents divorced when he was seven. Walter lived with his grandmother for four years after that, so Walter has a heart for single parents and grandparents raising grandchildren. Walter accepted Christ as a junior in high school, wandered in his twenties, and recommitted his life to Christ when he realized God’s ways were better than his. Walter was baptized in North Bay, Panama City, FL, on July 8, 2001. Walter served as an interim part-time pastor in 2007-2008, taught many Sunday school classes, founded a ministry that shared the Gospel and raised money for scholarships for high school graduates, led worship teams by singing and playing guitar/piano, and coached many teams and sports in rec leagues, middle schools, and high schools in an effort to share the love of Christ. Walter knows that he does not deserve heaven, and he lives his life trying to show God and others that he is thankful for Jesus’ sacrifice by regular, meaningful Bible study, prayer, worship, and submission.

Walter married Wendy in 1996, and they have two daughters and one son who love the Lord and are hard-working and well-rounded. Wendy teaches sixth grade social studies at Charlotte Middle school. Walter and Wendy met in Nashville in the mid 90’s, moved to Wendy’s hometown of Panama City, FL to raise their children, and relocated to Dickson in 2015 after traveling the country in an RV for several months while homeschooling Whitney, Ashley, and Mason. You can view some of their adventures on YouTube that they filmed for their TV show “Cast and Call Outdoors.”

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM practitioner, Walter continues to manage his financial planning practice while serving as pastor of Pomona Baptist Church. He enjoys working on their family farm in Dickson where they have a large flock of Katahdin sheep, playing pickleball in the church gym (it’s the fastest growing sport in America – you should try it!), playing guitar, hunting, meeting new people, and helping people be born again – in Christ and in character. “Every person is redeemable – no sin is too great, no time is too long,” says Walter.

Walter’s life verse is 2 Timothy 2:24-26.